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NEW ADDITION! Welcome Gregory


Welcome Gregory


This little guy has joined the family this week.

His name is Gregory and his original partner was Lionel A. Hunt. 

During the “60’s” Lionel conducted children’s evangelism rallies across North America and Gregory worked along his side until 1966 when he passed.


Mr. Hunt authored two books:

“Handbook on Children's Evangelism,” “Mass Cild Evangelism” and “Fruitful Child Evangelism


after Mr. Hunts  passing in 1966 Gregory was adopted by another children’s evangelist, Ron Caya in Ontario who used Gregory in his Evangelism Ministry also.

When Mr. Caya retired he returned Gregory to the Hunt family and he was watched over by Lionels son Howard L. Hunt of Anchor Academy

a school that also works with youth.


Vintage gem

Movements: eyes, sneer and mouth



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