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If You Could See Them Through My Eyes 

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Official Launch of "The House Of Haunts" TV On Air 2020

Continually Searching and Continually finding.

The questions most frequently asked:

 Q: Why do you own so many figures?

A: My answer is simple. I don't own even one.

Q: How did you  find so many?

 A: Some I find and some seem to find me.

I know my answers sound elusive and  may seem strange but they are true. You see, I consider myself to be merely a care giver. Vintage figures are my passion and I pay to protect  them.

The ones I seek are the "special" ones. The ones loaded with history and character. The ones that have that special something that you can't describe but you know is there when you see it. 

It's (what I call) "characters within characters."  The ones that are so full of character they seem like they can talk by themselves.

Some of my cast...Well Most of my cast and my passion might be considered creepy and even weird but that is only because you haven't had a chance to really see and understand their uniqueness and beauty.

There are so many Wonderful stories we want to share from their past and the Amazing builders who created them and the Ventriloquists who breathed life into them.  Most dedicated their lifetime to bringing joy to others. 

I am honored to share their history and the almost magical way many have come into my life.

Welcome to "The House of Haunts" the official home of "The Tonya Traylor Collection."

where our motto is: "Don't be Haunted by the past. Learn. about it!!

We hope you will join us for this fun journey back in time


Welcome To My World And

Welcome To The Real TRUE Stories, History and Live's of the Figures of

"The House Of Haunts!"

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