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Zauberklingl From the Alan Ende Collection Joins US

Those who know me know that I have admired this happy go lucky little fellow for years . He's a 1930's 11 movement Zauberkling of Austria, Vienna

and he was previously owned by my good friend and world renowned collector Alan Ende who described him as "an EXEMPLARY example of a VERY RARE and desirable ventriloquist figure." 

The mechanics are all brass and Alan endearingly called him the egg due to the shape of it's grey protective case.

"In the mid 1980s I took this out to Las Vegas on one of many visits.  I wanted to show it to "Lou Dupont" as I had previously sent him photos.  He wanted to see it in person.  after extensively viewing and operating it, he said "Alan, this could arguably be better than any of your McElroys."  I endearingly call this "The Egg" due to the shape of its gray case" -Alan Ende.

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