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  The Tonya Traylor Collection

If You Could See Them Through My Eyes 

Tobacco Free Florida Ad Campaign Is a SUCCESS!

We are proud to announce that we puppeteered a 4 year multi-media ad campaign for "Tobacco Free Florida" and "The Facts Now."   The ads which featured 3 of our characters were shown on tv, the web, featured at events, in print and bill boards and shown in movie theaters. 

This ad utilized totally hard figures. "Pops" was the main head tobacco executive, TJ was his employee and Sandy was his son.
An entire website was created just for Pops.




Every Single Day we are Honoring:  

The first American ventriloquist and the most famous performer of the 19th century in the United States who happened to be African American/ Black, Mr. Richard Potter.

His life story is depicted in the book "Richard Potter"  by John A. Hodgson



Preserving History One Figure At A Time

Behind The Scenes

"Sundays with Sid"

This past Sunday May 7th we had the Extraordinary experience of being interviewed by one the Legends in puppetry. A man who has had one of the most amazing effects

on the world of puppetry in the world. Always ahead of his time and definitely the "Grandfather of Puppetry" Mr. Sid Krofft.

youtube link to full interview:

Workshop Performance at Charles D. Wyche Elementary in Miami Florida

We had a super wonderful day performing and holding workshops at Charles D. Whyche Elementary in Miami Florida. It's always rewarding to see students find their voice and connect with the joy I find in  puppetry. Also super happy to do this performance with my son Leonard Moore II. What a Great Day


From Pop-Up to Museum "The Journey Continues..."

Why should you collect puppets? Puppets bring joy!  Thats the answer in a nutshell and the reason that sparked my true love for ventriloquist figures. Thank you to the wonderful "Lauri Kim" her continued love and support and for sharing my passion for these wonderful ventriloquist figures and their stories. Building a permanent museum home is no small feat, but with hard work, dedication, and a clear vision, it's definitely achievable. In the meantime, we’re taking the collection on the road to share it with audiences and build momentum for our ultimate goal. May our passion for ventriloquism bring joy and fascination to all those who experience it.Youtube link to interview:

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