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Preserving History One Figure At A Time

Behind The Scenes

Ventriloquist STANLEY VAILE and his figure "JIMMY"

Always Exciting when a true legendary figure arrives and this is one is legendary.

The collection from Stanley Vailes estate includes his main figure in

absolutely mint condition along with :books, dialogues, hand written postcards, original artwork.

Will be uploading more soon

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Charlie And Kienkie Have officially joined the family

We are so excited to welcome  Charlie, Kienkie and Charlie's doll Annabelle into our vent family. These two incredible characters were the partners of the Wonderful Ventriloquist Keith Ventress who performed extensively in Cape Town. Keith has shared the history of these amazing guys and we can't wait to document and share with you. 

(Below are a few memories from Keith Ventress


"This is a picture from an Afrikaans newspaper colour supplement in Cape Town 1975. To appeal to the local population, I introduced 'Kienkie' with brown skin and Afro hair. Also, you see here 'Tango the Talking Dog' which I created from a soft toy." - Keith Ventress

"This is Charlie when he first arrived from the Davenports Magic Shop. Dark brown hair and black dinner suit. Dressed as an adult. See the later pictures of him as a beach boy" - Keith Ventress


Jack Beckitt's "The Drunk" and "The Indian" Talking Shoes

Jack Beckitt Website Updated

Jack Beckitt's "The Drunk" and "The Indian" Talking Shoes have been found and the website updated.

We SUPER HAPPY to have finally located and acquitted "The Drunk" shoe which has the utmost importance in Mr. Beckitts career since he lead to the character "Willy Drinkall" coming into existence.

What an amazing journey he has had and his journey continues... 


Please follow this link to learn more


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