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Welcome to the Life of a Vent Puppeteer Collector

3 Rare Maher Studios ( Lovik) Figures Have Joined The Family

A Wonderful addition of  3 figures (Randy Candy and Grandma) are family and they have just joined ours thanks to our incredible friend and Renowned Ventriloquist Bob Abdou aka Mr. Puppet.

All were purchased directly from Maher Studios .
Randy in 1972
Candy in 1979
Grandma 1978-1979

Special Thank You Jerome "Jerry" Goodspeed


There are quite a few super special people who have impacted my life and my journey into the art of ventriloquism and the love and passion for collecting and preserving the history and Jerry Goodspeed is one.

When I first started getting serious about the collecting part of vent I was lucky to purchase a beautiful figure from Jerry.  When I met him he spent a couple of precious hours with me that made a real lasting impact and helped guide me in the importance of the history and the beautiful hearts of those who have made their life passion the art of bringing joy to others..


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