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  The Tonya Traylor Collection

If You Could See Them Through My Eyes 

The Life of a Vent/ Puppeteer/ Collector

About Us

"The Tonya Traylor Collection" is one of the largest privately owned collections of ventriloquism and puppetry in the world.

The collection is ever growing and currently consists of over 400 ventriloquial figures plus hundreds of puppets, marionettes,

posters and ephemera as well as several automatons and animatronic displays.

Our figures have appeared in Television Commercials, Movies, Books and some have even performed for Royalty.

There are so many incredible stories to share and we are so pleased to be the conduit to the world. 

Our Dreams are BIG and our Plans are HUGE!

We hope you join us on our journey of sharing and growing the love and passion of these Arts Internationally.


Only Love,

Tonya Traylor





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