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  The Tonya Traylor Collection

If You Could See Them Through My Eyes 

The Life of a Vent/ Puppeteer/ Collector

About Us

Tonya Traylor is a multitalented individual who is making waves with "The Tonya Traylor Collection" and the innovative "Ventriloquium," the world's only pop-up museum dedicated to ventriloquism. Together with her son Leonard James Moore II, she has created a unique space for preserving the history of ventriloquist figures, puppets, marionettes, and more. The collection, which continues to expand, currently boasts over 500 ventriloquial figures, along with numerous puppets, marionettes, posters, and other memorabilia, including automatons and animatronic displays. These figures have not only graced television commercials, movies, and books but have also had the honor of performing for royalty.

Tonya Traylor's passion for storytelling and commitment to upholding the traditions of these art forms shine through in her work. The Tonya Traylor Collection serves not only as a repository of objects but also as a portal to a realm of captivating narratives and historical significance. By preserving these unique figures and artifacts, Traylor and her team are not just honoring the past but also inviting others to partake in the magic of ventriloquism and puppetry, ensuring that these cherished art forms continue to thrive for generations to come. "Preserving History One Figure At a Time" encapsulates the essence of their mission and the dedication they bring to their craft.





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