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  The Tonya Traylor Collection

If You Could See Them Through My Eyes 

Welcome To The Workshop

Tools Needed:

1.  Imagination and lots of it!

if you can imagine it you can create it.

If.... You REALLY want to.

and the easiest way to manifest your creation is to find something as close as possible to it and transform it.

No Major talent needed and no big budget needed.

so if you have more time than money I'll show you how to get , make and create characters that will astound you!

get ready to be Amazed at what you can do!

Vintage Lemare Restoration

We prefer to keep all figures in their original "as is" condition

but this gem had been abused and a restoration was in order.

He has retained his original hair, clothes and paint was matched rather

than a full restore so he could keep his vintage charm and original look

Current Project "Barnabus The Misfit Monky"


Head Animations

  1. Moving Mouth
  2. Upper Lip Sneer
  3. Stick Out Tongue
  4. Moving Nose
  5. Wiggle Ears
  6. Moving Brows
  7. Animated Hat
  8. All Around Eyes
  9. Crossing Eyes
  10. Leather Blinkers
  11. Individual Winkers
  12. Light Up Eyes
  13. Tricks
    1. Chew Gum
    2. Blows Bubbles
    3. Quick Change Outfit
    4. Magical Shoulder Puppet

Simply The Best Gift!

This little guy is one of two figures given to me by my good friend Ron Crowe (Musician/ Builder/ Writer)

The figures are named "Ron and Ronnie"and they are two of the most unique figures in the collection.

The tops of their heads are made of plastic wood and the mouth area is a flexible material and their body are

fully articulated and can be controlled by strings and cable.



Transformation of My First Restore "India"

India was my first restore/ remake project and the first pro vent I purchased.

I got her for around 100 dollars on ebay. 

She was missing the back of her head, headstick wasn't fully attached, animations did not work and there was no body and not in the best shape.

I originally was going to keep her "as is" being totally new and nervous but after consulting with multiple friends and authorities

in the business I was assured that due to her condition it was ok to give her new life since the intention was for her to perform again.

India cemented my love and respect for the restoration process.

Now my preference is for older figures to stay "As Is" with the exception of those in pieces or where restoration is needed to prevent further deterioration.


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