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Welcome To The Workshop

Tools Needed:

1.  Imagination and lots of it!

if you can imagine it you can create it.

If.... You REALLY want to.

and the easiest way to manifest your creation is to find something as close as possible to it and transform it.

No Major talent needed and no big budget needed.

so if you have more time than money I'll show you how to get , make and create characters that will astound you!

get ready to be Amazed at what you can do!

Barnabus The "Misfit" Monkey Transformation Part II

Current Project "Barnabus The Misfit Monky"

BeforeDuring Transformation

Head Animations

  1. Moving Mouth
  2. Upper Lip Sneer
  3. Stick Out Tongue
  4. Moving Nose
  5. Wiggle Ears
  6. Moving Brows
  7. Animated Hat
  8. All Around Eyes
  9. Crossing Eyes
  10. Leather Blinkers
  11. Individual Winkers
  12. Light Up Eyes
  13. Tricks
    1. Chew Gum
    2. Blows Bubbles
    3. Quick Change Outfit
    4. Magical Shoulder Puppet

Barnabus The "Misfit" Monkey Transformation Part I

Vintage Lemaire Restore

The Best Present Ever Received From A Friend

This little guy is one of two figures given to me by my good friend Ron Crowe.

Transformation of India

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