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Behind The Scenes

Special Thank You Jerome "Jerry" Goodspeed


There are quite a few super special people who have impacted my life and my journey into the art of ventriloquism and the love and passion for collecting and preserving the history and Jerry Goodspeed is one.

When I first started getting serious about the collecting part of vent I was lucky to purchase a beautiful figure from Jerry.  When I met him he spent a couple of precious hours with me that made a real lasting impact and helped guide me in the importance of the history and the beautiful hearts of those who have made their life passion the art of bringing joy to others..


Harry Bowes Website Update

So excited about our latest updates to our site:

Harry was both well known and well loved and we are so honored to be a part of his story.



The Arrival of Harry and Harry Jr. "A Magical Story"

July 31st We bought this beautiful “Fred Tickner”  ventriloquist figure that we immediately fell in love with.

He was offered in a UK auction without the origin or history of the ventriloquist.


Listing Description:

Antique ventriloquist dummy head with display

stand 1920/30. Condition is Used. 

early paper mache head measuring 6" (unusual size)

moving eyes with tilt , mouth operation by lever

all good working order but needs some cosmetic

attention ie hair.

Comes with display stand , head and stand together measure 11in

very unusual item

Then on September 6th we purchased another truly special figure known as: Harry the Cheekie Chappy.

We lost many a nights sleep over Harry awaiting the auction end.

Listing Description:

Antique ventriloquist dummy head with hands on display stand(made 1920`s ?)

Condition is Used. Head and hands

made from papermache battered and

tired cosmetically due to thousands of

performances over the last 70 years.

Mouth operation and tilt eyes fully


Entertained thousands of children in

the suffolk area since the 1950`s

know as "Harry the Cheeky


Now for the Magic

After purchasing Harry the seller told us we also purchased their other figure and that both

figures belonged to and performed with their father.


My fathers name was D E Osborn 

but he performed as Uncle Jim or 

Ebro the Magican.
My father always called this head 

Harry and the other one Little Harry.
He was a professional children's 

entertainer and done this since the 

1940`s around the Suffolk area in UK.


I will find some photos for you of 

him performing and forward them to 

you as soon as we sorted the rest of 

his things



Sold Separate but destined to remain together.

We are Completely Thrilled to Welcome “Harry The Cheekie Chappy” and "Harry Jr"  the partners of UK Ventriloquist

D E Osborn "Uncle Jim / Ebro the Magican" to the collection. Thank You Jim for sharing their valuable history.

We Truly Appreciate you.

Together Again Forever....


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