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"Sundays with Sid"

This past Sunday May 7th we had the Extraordinary experience of being interviewed by one the Legends in puppetry. A man who has had one of the most amazing effects

on the world of puppetry in the world. Always ahead of his time and definitely the "Grandfather of Puppetry" Mr. Sid Krofft.

youtube l…

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Workshop Performance at Charles D. Wyche Elementary in Miami Florida

We had a super wonderful day performing and holding workshops at Charles D. Whyche Elementary in Miami Florida. It's always rewarding to see students find their voice and connect with the joy I find in  puppetry. Also super happy to do this performance with my son Leonard Moore II. What a Great Da…

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From Pop-Up to Museum "The Journey Continues..."

Why should you collect puppets? Puppets bring joy!  Thats the answer in a nutshell and the reason that sparked my true love for ventriloquist figures. Thank you to the wonderful "Lauri Kim" her continued love and support and for sharing my passion for these wonderful ventriloquist figures and their …

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Ventriloquium ... A Dream come true



VENTRILOQUIUM | The Night of 100 Figures

Pop-Up Museum featuring over 100 Vintage Ventriloquist Figures, Photo Ops, Manipulation Workshops, Curator Experience, Films and more...

Immerse yourself in history, with figures from movies, tv shows and commercials dating all the way back to the late …

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WSVN Channel 7 News SPOTLIGHT!

Thank You WSVN-TV​ , Danial Cohen and Kevin Ozebek for featuring us in the "WSVN Spotlight"

We truly appreciate you



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The Figures Are On Display

Mission Accomplished or.. well first part complete.

Hi friends, We have loaded in and displayed over 400 of the figures from the collection to take photo's and document as we complete another step to our final destination.

Seeing them all out is emotional …

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Time to Move the Figures


We aren't moving permanently but we are setting up 400 or so figures 

for display and pictures and to see how long it takes to complete this process.  We have great friends helping us coordinate, relocate and arrange. It's  a long but definit…

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"Steve Hewlett's" BGT Figure "Sinitta" Has Joined The Collection


We are so Excited to announce the arrival of "Sinitta" to the collection. Sinitta was created by UK Master Builder Peter Pullon and performed by the Amazing Steve Hewlitt.



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Ventriloquist STANLEY VAILE and his figure "JIMMY"

Always Exciting when a true legendary figure arrives and this is one is legendary.

The collection from Stanley Vailes estate includes his main figure in

absolutely mint condition along with :books, dialogues, hand written postcards, original artwork.

Will be uploading more soon


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Charlie And Kienkie Have officially joined the family

We are so excited to welcome  Charlie, Kienkie and Charlie's doll Annabelle into our vent family. These two incredible characters were the partners of the Wonderful Ventriloquist Keith Ventress who performed extensively in Cape Town. Keith…

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Jack Beckitt's "The Drunk" and "The Indian" Talking Shoes

Jack Beckitt Website Updated

Jack Beckitt's "The Drunk" and "The Indian" Talking Shoes have been found and the website updated.

We SUPER HAPPY to have finally located and acquitted "The Drunk" shoe which has the utmost importance in Mr. Beckitts car…

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Welcome to the Life of a Vent Puppeteer Collector

3 Rare Maher Studios ( Lovik) Figures Have Joined The Family

A Wonderful addition of  3 figures (Randy Candy and Grandma) are family and they have

just joined ours thanks to our incredible friend and Renowned Ventriloquist Bob Abdou

aka Mr. Puppet.

All were purchased directly from Maher Studios .
Randy in 1972
Candy in 1979
Grandma 197…

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Special Thank You Jerome "Jerry" Goodspeed


There are quite a few super special people who have impacted my life and my journey into the art of ventriloquism and the love and passion for collecting and preserving the history and Jerry Goodspeed is one.

When I first started getting serious about the collecting part of…

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Harry Bowes Website Update

So excited about our latest updates to our site:

Harry was both well known and well loved and we are so honored to be a part of his story.



The Arrival of Harry and Harry Jr. "A Magical Story"

July 31st We bought this beautiful “Fred Tickner”  ventriloquist figure that we immediately fell in love with.

He was offered in a UK auction without the origin or history of the ventriloquist.


Listing Description:


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Facebook "LIVE" Interview with UK Ventriloquist Club

Had a great time chatting and sharing the history of some of our figures and the wonderful  

stories of how they were acquired. Tune in to our youtube channel for a peak.


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The Collections Within The Collection

Want to learn the history of the ventriloquists, builders and figures that are in our collection? We are happy to say that you can follow  some of the collections within our collection  on their own websites while we work to add and update more information on all of our figures.

Here are link…

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Official Launch of "The House Of Haunts" TV On Air 2020

Continually Searching and Continually finding.

The questions most frequently asked:

 Q: Why do you own so many figures?

A: My answer is simple. I don't own even one.

Q: How did you  find so many?

 A: Some I find and some seem to find me.

I know my answers sound elusive and  ma…

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