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Meet Us Out At Vent Haven

We're heading to Vent Haven This Year to make new friends, connect with old friends and of course search for more vintage ventriloquial figures to join our vent family.

We're looking for Vintage/Antique Figures Only in any condition and this year (for the Vent Haven Convention Only) we are also w…

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Zauberklingl From the Alan Ende Collection Joins US

Those who know me know that I have admired this happy go lucky little fellow for years . He's a 1930's 11 movement Zauberkling of Austria, Vienna

and he was previously owned by my good friend and world renowned collector Alan Ende who described him as "an EXEMPLARY example of a VERY RARE an…

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First Episode of Facebook "LIVE" Now up on Youtube

In Pre-Production and Casting for "The Misfits"

"The Misfits" is based on a group of specialty characters whose mission is to teach others just how deceiving appearances really are. 


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